Bikinis, Thongs, Short Shorts, Bulge Styles, G-strings, Pouch only designs and so much more.

Men's Designer Swimsuits

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Your guide to the hottest men's swimwear designs on the planet.

Are you ready to learn about the new world of men's swimwear design? Are you ready to be blown away by the extreme new styles men are wearing to the beach everyday. Bikinis, thongs, Micro swimsuits, pouch suits, short shorts, G-strings and more are all fair game for men. Gone are the days that only women would wear such hot and sexy designs. The hippest beaches throughout the world have more men wearing these wonderful skin tight fashions than surf shorts or Speedos. You have a choice. You can be stylish and daring at the same time! The Men's Designer Swimsuits site is here to show you the way.

Let Men's Designer Swimsuits make your swimwear dreams come true.

Men's designer swimsuits is your guide to the most exciting swimwear fashion to be found. Hot bikinis, Micro shorts, wild G-strings, fashionable thongs and all sorts of amazing spandex creations. All made in the USA and shipped worldwide.

Did you know one of the hottest rends in men's designer swimsuits are the new transformation designs. These swimsuits actually repackage the penis to make it look and feel like a vagina using nothing but you equipment and some very creative fabric work. These might just be the most exciting styles on the beach this summer. With all the talk about gender identity it seems like the perfect time for these wonderful designs to make a huge push into the men's swimwear business.

Finding Men’s Designer Swimsuits

Lots of men all around the world want to wear only men’s designer swimsuits when they go to their favorite swimming and tanning spot. When other people see them in public wearing swimsuits, they do not want to look ordinary and just like all of the other men who are also at this location. When this happens, there is nothing special about you and you most likely will just blend in with every other man which means that you will not get any extra attention. Not getting any extra attention also means that you will not collect any phone numbers or have anyone interested in you. That is why you need to find a designer who will be willing to work with you on your custom swimsuit. It will fit you perfectly; look completely unique from other men’s swimsuits around you; and attract a lot of attention when you visit your favorite beach or swimming pool. You just have to put forth the effort.